Membership Based Administration in the Cloud

It's a membership platform to suit everyone!

Our Membership Portal is best suited for small to large Community & Sports groups, Gym & Club memberships and Accomodation type lodges and features plugin modules for Accommodation Reservations, Rostering systems, Remote Sign On & Attendance,  Membership Subscriptions, Card Access Technologies including inbuilt ID card printing, Invoicing & Accounting,  plus full email functions for closed group newsletters or customer marketing. Notifications from web portal to members and customers via email, SMS and Push notification!

Local technology

Our feature rich platform has been designed here in Sydney by us to achieve the best possible experience, so you can be rest assured that you will be getting the best customer support when you need it, and custom made plugins to suit whatever your needs.

Affordable add-on features

Purchase the features and modules you need by selecting annual or monthly plans.

Modules available:

  • Membership subscriptions customisable from week, monthly or annually on many different pricing schedules
    • Easily create subscriptions for:
    • New members
    • Active members
    • Perpetial members
    • Associate members
    • Guests and Visitors

  • Document links via secure  access level control
    • Send a link to a stored document in the portal via email without attachments, options are:
    • Link always open
    • link available between certain dates
    • Password protected link
    • Protected link only available via username and password from Membership
    • Link only available to certain groups in Membership

  • Multi building, level or cabin style Accommodation Reservations
  • Accommodation by Roomshare or bed-by-bed Reservations
  • Active Balloting system for lodges
  • Sign On Attendance & Rosters
  • Reports for Membership subscriptions, Reservations, Invoices and email tracking
  • Card Access Technologies for boomgates, cabins or rooms integrated into Memberships or Reservations
  • Create campaigns or application forms and collect data to be saved automatically into your database
  • Drag & Drop style template design for invoicing, group emails & newsletters
  • Send notifications to users via Email , SMS & Push notifications*
  • Customer feature plugin to allow public style Memberships and Reservations
*Push notifications require a third party app from

Works on all devices

Our in house developers strive to make our Cloud Based platform  work on most modern devices both for Administrators and End Users.

Fully automated platform

We make it easy to provide you peace of mind without you owning a single piece of server hardware or software by leaving it all in the Cloud :

Get your club/organisation# on Memberportal.Cloud now

# Organisations in Australia are elegible only.